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Since I seem to be spinning my wheels on personal updates and news gets stale after a while, here are a few odds and ends that interested me recently.

Celebrity death of note is Mitch Miller. We always watched Sing Along With Mitch and I believe we had several sing-along records, too. I think singing together is important for social capital and we've lost something when our children no longer "follow the bouncing ball." Also, without Mitch Miller, I would not know how to spell Mississippi. (And I have probably just infected myself with an earworm.)

The other death of note, though I am not sure one could call him a celebrity, was of Morrie Yohai, the inventor of Cheez Doodles. I note it largely because I never think of products like that as having inventors. A related story involves a non-compete clause in a contract which is keeping a man from taking a job at Hostess foods. It seems he is one of the seven people who know the secret behind how they get the nooks and crannies in Thomas' English Muffins. I usually think of non-compete clauses as limited to the high tech world, so it's interesting to see one in a more mundane setting.

Finally, I am not surprised about the amount of news coverage of Chelsea Clinton's wedding. But I am amazed at the vitriol on the comments on the news stories. Short of a situation where one of the people involved has murdered a former spouse, the only thing to say about a wedding is "Mazel Tov!"
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