fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Slightly Overwhelmed

I saw one more fringe show over the weekend. Tim Ereneta's "Chart Toppers of 1349" is primarily a straightforward storytelling show, with several traditional European folk tales. I won't say more than that since I'm reviewing the show for the Journal of Storytelling, Self, and Society.

All of the running around I've done, along with continued sleep deprivation, means I fell victim to another cold. I got over the one I had in Seattle in just a couple of days, so I'm hoping that having taken off from work and slept much of the day will get me over this one quickly, too. For added measure, I went out to the store and got some Tabatchnik chicken soup. Just like Mom used to thaw!

And if I am too sick to go to work, I am too sick to do housework, right?
Tags: fringe festival, life in general, storytelling

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