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A Minor Political Rant

Virginia's primary is next week, so this is not late from my standpoint. I will also note that Virginia has to have open primaries because there is no way to actually register as a member of a particular party here. That is, the voter registration form is entirely non-partisan, with nary a box to check off.

But the rant is triggered by a "survey" I received in the mail from the Democratic National Committee. I put the word "survey" in quotes, because it is really a thinly disguised begging letter.

My concern is that there is exactly one question on issues and it is worded as follows:
"Which issues would you like the Democratic presidential nominee to focus on in the campaign? Please rank the following issues from 1-14 based o their importance to you, with "1" being the most important."

The list of issues is (with their flaky capitalization):

  • Education
  • Ethics in government
  • Energy policy
  • Immigration
  • Social security
  • Taxes
  • Civil rights / liberties
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Iraq
  • Health care
  • Homeland security
  • Environment
  • Reproductive rights
  • Jobs / Economy

One problem is that the only foreign affairs matter mentioned explicitly is Iraq. Never mind that we're also fighting in Afghanistan (and not as effectively as we could be, in my opinion, an opinion which was heavily influenced by discussions with two people I know who spent time deployed there). Never mind the on-going human rights crisis in Darfur, which is related to the civil unrest in Chad. Never mind the emerging collapse of Kenya. Never mind Iran, Cuba, North Korea. Or our deteriorating relations with our allies. Or the impact of globalization on the economy as India and China advance.

I could go on with other subjects, but that's a good illustration of the real problem. There's no vision, no sense of the big picture.

Not that I think the Republicans have any vision either, but they didn't send me a survey.

No wonder we're down to the least offensive candidates on both sides. (Well, Huckabee is still technically in it and is scary, but the remaining serious candidates all have some middle of the road potential.)

All I can do is hope that somebody chooses a decent running mate.

For what it's worth, he's long since been out of it, but Bill Richardson was my choice.
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