fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Quick Note from the West Coast

I made it to Seattle with no problems. I was 4th on the list for an upgrade, but only 3 first class seats were available, alas. Still, I lucked out and had an empty middle seat next to me. And the flight was about a half hour early.

I picked up the rental car and drove down to Olympia without getting lost. The capital volksmarch wound around a few parks and the Capitol complex. Overall, the physical setting is nice and I like the neo-classical architecture of the legislative building, but the rest of Olympia is rather bland.

My plan for tomorrow is to go to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. I'll return the rental car and head downtown for Conpac. I expect to get in at least one more volksmarch and a visit to Archie McPhee, too.
Tags: travel, volksmarch

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