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The Reunion Haiku

I should have mentioned that somebody developed a playlist of songs from our undergrad days to play at our class dinners at the reunion. The only song on that playlist I remember hearing multiple times is "We Will Rock You." I probably noticed it because it is my least favorite song of all time.

Anyway, I did promise to post my haiku entries from the Tech Challenge Games. Two of the topics (the MIT Energy Initiative and Ray Stata / The Stata Center) did nothing for me. My try at the Large Hadron Collider was pretty feeble:

Will it create a
black hole and destroy the earth?
First, get it running.

On the topic of Obama at MIT, I came up with:

Hope and change? Now the
President knows which Cambridge
school he should go to!

But the really inspiring topic was the iPad. The first of these is weak, but I'm pleased with the other two:

The main thing Apple
padded is not the features
or apps. It's the price.

The Mafia is
using ipads to plan hits
The real killer app.

Apple is going
to make a larger version -
the i-maxipad

I was able to get back to my more normal haiku topic during the week, alas:

Reported smoke at
Federal Center Southwest
No trains are stopping

And Amtrak offered up a surprise, too:

The quiet car is
actually quiet on
Thursday afternoon
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