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Weekend Catch-up

First, let me note two celebrity deaths. I won't mourn Moishe Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus. But I do mourn for Martin Gardner, whose "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American was always entertaining and provided me with many hours of diversion over the years.

The weekend weather was fairly dreary, which should have meant getting stuff done at home. But "stuff" seems to mean mostly reading the Washington Post and opening a week's worth of mail and there is still way too much clutter around, sigh. On Saturday night, I went to a story swap at Charlotte's. I carpooled with Ralph and Margaret and I'm glad Ralph drove. On my own, I'd probably still be wandering the roads of Southern Maryland, trying to get back to Route 4. Dark rural roads late at night might be a good argument for actually getting a GPS receiver. Storytelling is always fun and I particularly enjoyed hearing Charlotte's version of "Mr. Fox."

Finally, I went to the theatre on Sunday, but I'll write a separate entry on that subject.
Tags: celebrity death watch, life in general, storytelling

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