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Paul and Storm / The Bobs

The Bobs are one of the music groups I've seen frequently. I'm not sure when I first saw them, but it must have been in the late 1980's since I am pretty sure it was at the KPFK Crafts Fair when they still did it on campus at Berkeley. They've kept doing interesting stuff, so I've kept coming back. That made it easy to decide to go to see them last night at the Barns at Wolf Trap.

The opening act was Paul and Storm. I was only vaguely aware of them. I think somebody or other I know had linked to one of their videos on Facebook maybe. If I'd done my homework, I'd have realized I was more familiar with them than I'd thought, since they are half of the now defunct a capella group Da Vinci's Notebook. At any rate, they were very enjoyable - genuinely funny material, taking full advantage of the setting (e.g. having the sound man manipulate mike effects), and a lot of fun to listen to. Particular highlights were Nun Fight and The Captain's Wife's Lament. I will definitely try to see them live again.

As for the Bobs, they did more covers than usual. It turns out that the reason is simple - they are recording an album of covers. But they did do several of their own songs, including Late Model Love, Disappointment Pants, and The Vapor Carioca. They also brought out Paul and did Title of the Song with him.

All in all, it was a fun concert.
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