fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Color Me Belated

The meme says to list 10 things of the assigned color. hahathor assigned me "salmon, or peach, or shrimp. Whatever you like to call that color."

If you want to play, leave me a comment and I will assign you a color

Pale orangish pink is really not my sort of color, so coming up with ten things is tricky

  1. Wild salmon. I stopped eating farmed salmon after smelling the fish farms of Chiloe.
  2. Coral.
  3. Bell'aroma or Peace hybrid tea roses. At least those are the only ones in that color family that the catalog I glanced at listed under fragrant roses. And roses without fragrance are not worthy of being called roses.
  4. the crayons that replaced the ones that were labeled "flesh" when I was a kid
  5. parts of the sky at dawn
  6. parts of the sky at dusk
  7. a weathered brick wall
  8. a plush charm quark
  9. the flesh of a pomelo
  10. a white kitten that clawed apart Phyllis Schlafly's wardrobe getting salmon polyester all over itself

I do like peaches, by the way, but in my experience they are usually more yellow than peach-colored.
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