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Christine Lavin

Last night I went to see Christine Lavin perform at The Barns at Wolftrap. I own most of her recordings (going far enough back that at least one is on cassette), but I had not seen her live before. This was billed as a 25th Anniversary Concert, but she's been performing and recording for close to 30 years so far as I can tell. Perhaps the 25 years is from the first time she was at Wolftrap.

At any rate, she mixed things from over the years in her show. I was particularly pleased that she sang "Regretting What I Said..." which is one of my favorites. There was also a very cute gender-switched version of one of her best known songs in the form of "Good Thing She Can't Read My Mind: A Dude's Eye View." She did a whole shtick involving people who have birthdays close to Christmas, which included bringing two audience members up on stage and having them play a trivia game to get birthday presents. Then she gave them a little birthday party with entertainment ... by Tom Paxton. He was in better form than when I'd seen him there just a few weeks ago. (She started the second set by bringing up Doug Mishkin to do a couple of songs. But there was plenty of her solo work.)

The show was more political than I was expecting. For example, she sang several variant endings for "What Was I Thinking?" including versions having to do with Eric Massa, Mark Sanford, and John McCain / Sarah Palin. While the focus was on humor, she also sang a very moving song with the story of the first kamikaze pilot.

All in all, it was a very entertaining show and I'd go see her live again.
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