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Interesting Political Story

This was, apparently, originally reported in The Hill, which often makes interesting reading. I admit, however, that I actually read it in a daily report we get in our office. The background is that the FY09 President's Budget Request goes to Congress on Monday.

"In the past, the administration gave away about 3,000 free copies of its budget proposal to lawmakers, federal agencies and members of the media. But next week, when Bush submits the last of his eight budget requests to Congress, the White House only plans to post it on the Internet. Lawmakers may read the budget online without cost. But those accustomed to holding a copy in their hands - or distributing multiple copies to their staffs to pore over the details - are going to have to dig into their own pockets and hand over some cash--a price tag of $200."

This says more about the current relationship between the executive and legislative branches of government than anything else I've read in weeks.
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