fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Quarterly Check-up

I had some things I intended for 2010 and I think it is worth reviewing for myself how I am doing on them.

1) I got one travelogue done in mid-February, but I remain 4 behind since I took another trip since then.

2) I did make it to 10 dance classes last session. I even signed up for a 15 session package this session, though how I am actually going to manage that given how much other stuff is on my calendar is in question.

3) I've done 5 Volksmarch cemetery program walks. Which means I have 15 to go. Given that the program officially ends at the end of June, that could also be challenging. (Most special programs do, however, accept books after the official end, as long as they have patches left.)

4) I have tickets to games at 2 of the 3 major league ballparks I haven't been to yet and tentative plans for the third.

5) I remembered to use my reusable shopping bags once.

6) I haven't done anything about the other six goals I listed on 31 December.

7) I did buy a new camera. I took it to Western Canada and I really ought to download the photos one of these days.

8) I will have to write weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual reports at work this week. I am living the overexamined life.
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