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To follow up from my last entry, the Central Asian dance workshop was challenging but mostly enjoyable. The instructor went a bit fast for those who didn't have a background in that style and I can't say I got many of the nuances, but it was worth going.

The jetpack from Martin Aircraft Company of New Zealand looks like a viable version of the personal hovercraft that we were supposed to have by now. I want one. Of course, aside from the cost (they don't give a figure but I am guessing on the order of $100K now), the airspace around here is so heavily controlled that it probably would not have been the solution to the rush hour traffic on the beltway I was stuck in yesterday coming home from a meeting. But I can dream.

I also wanted to mention that I got an interesting insight into one of my colleagues the other day. She is one of a handful of people who has access to a particular room in our facility. Nobody had been in there for a while and, when she went in, she noticed a foul odor. She found its source - a dead mouse. And she immediately screamed for the nearest man to handle it for her. I was amused, but I'm not sure I would have reacted differently.

Finally, there was a news story about a jogger on a beach in Georgia who was killed by an airplane making an emergency landing. You can't get much worse luck than that.
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