fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

All the Odds and Ends

I've been absurdly busy. You already heard about my theatre going last week.

I went to Zumba on Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon, as well as Bollywood dance on Wednesday night. This Wednesday night is the last Bollywood class of the current term and I intend to go. I'm also going to a Central Asian dance workshop tomorrow night, which I am a bit apprehensive about as I have no idea what it will entail. The dance studio is moving to a new place (just a few doors down) and having an open house on Sunday afternoon. I signed up for 15 classes in the next 10 week session (instead of the 10 I've done in the current session and the previous one) and I have no idea where I'm going to find the time to go. I'll continue going to Bollywood and they have weeknight Zumba at somewhat more convenient times now. I'm also intrigued by their new hula hoop class and will at least give it a whirl.

Saturday was the Women's History Month event that Voices in the Glen put on at the Beltsville library. I took advantage of having to drive out there already to stop at Ikea, but I still have not found the ideal solution to my need for a low bookcase under my bedroom window. I told my piece about Sophie Germaine, which went over okay, though I did leave out a detail I intended to include at the end. That's not all that surprising given how many years it's been since I last told that story.

I've been filling up my calendar with more things to do - music, theatre, travel. I have about 95% decided on my next major vacation - namely, the Baltic states. I will probably fly into Finland, take the ferry across to Estonia, then go through Latvia and Lithuania. I am still researching how much of a pain in the neck it would be to go to Kaliningrad (which is of personal interest as my father's birthplace). I'm looking at late September / early October for this. That should leave me enough vacation time to go somewhere appalling in Africa in the December / January time frame.

There are also my attempts at cleaning for Pesach. And, somewhere in there, I managed to watch The Amazing Race.

I was rather surprised that Joe and Heidi got eliminated by failing a mental challenge. I figured Joe's knee would do him in. My guess is that they were tired and too angry from being U-turned to concentrate. So the cops really did use the U-turn effectively to eliminate a team that was competitive (and who they didn't like because of Joe's cockiness on the bus earlier). I wish one of the other teams had done the Morse code challenge so we could have some other measure of how hard it was. (The Big Brother team would have been very funny at it, since Jordan can't even manage uncoded English most of the time. The subtitle that had her saying "???" was very funny.)

The cowboys are lots of fun and managing not to piss anybody off yet. I have mixed feelings about the lesbians. They're entertaining, but they're mean. The cops are formidable and I have a bias in favor of their New England accents. Steve and Allie seem to be very competitive, but don't have a lot of personality. I can see them making it to the final 3, along with the cowboys and maybe the cops.
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