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Vacation Update

Main thing is that my bag did turn up. I was very happy it was in my room when I got back to the hotel Saturday night.

The curling match Saturday was a lot of fun. The Canadian fans were pretty rabid. This one guy gave out a couple of hundred flags and was leading people in waving them (right, left, right, left) and got them singing "O Canada" during the last end. I can't say I appreciate the finer points of the game, but it was entertaining.

The crowds downtown are a bit of annoyance, but they're mostly concentrated in just a few areas. Robson Square is way too crowded and it took some elbowing to get over to see the Olympic cauldron. But it wasn't bad walking around Gastown and Chinatown yesterday before heading over the Pacific Coliseum to watch ice dancing. (I'll be back there tonight and tomorrow for the ice dancing original dance and ladies' short program.) My plan for today is to brave the crowds to walk around Granville Island while the weather is still nice.
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