November 1st, 2021

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Shots and Socializing

I keep meaning to write and not managing to find time. I spent a lot of time over the past week or so making some travel arrangements, which included coordinating getting together with various friends, as well as buying theatre tickets and museum tickets and such. Much of that was frustrating because every venue has a different system, some of which don’t work as well as others. Many cusswords ensued, but I got everything in place.

Vaccinations: I got my flu shot on Wednesday and my COVID booster on Thursday. I’d have preferred to do both at the same time, but there weren’t convenient appointments available. The flu shot gave me mild digestive side effects. The COVID shot left my arm extremely sore for two days and left me with a mild headache, but nothing that Tylenol couldn’t handle.

Hadestown: I went with a friend to see Hadestown at the Kennedy Center on Friday night. We had dinner beforehand at Tazza, which is still reasonably good and is much better value and quality than the KenCen cafe. I mostly enjoyed the show. I thought Kevyn Morrow as Hades gave a particularly strong performance. What bothered me is that I know my mythology a bit too well so it bugged me that it was Hermes acting as Orpheus’s mentor, not Apollo. (They played fast and loose with some other aspects of the story, but those didn’t bother me as much.) Still, it was an interesting show and I liked most of the music, which is about all one can ask for.

Waitress: I saw Waitress at Capital One Hall on Saturday. I made one critical mistake and prepaid for parking there via Ticketmaster. This was a mistake for two reasons - 1) they tacked on entirely unnecessary fees and 2) I couldn’t transfer the “ticket” for the parking to my Apple wallet, so I was stressed about whether I’d have trouble. (In the end, they just waved me through the exit, but I didn’t need the stress.) Aye any rate, the garage seems to have sufficient capacity. Actually, I would normally take the metro, but with the current service reduction, coupled with some track work at my end of the Orange Line, it would have taken forever.

As for the show, there were some good performances, but I wasn’t crazy about the story. My basic issue with it is that I didn’t think Earl and Jenna behaved realistically. In real life, he would almost certainly have murdered her and possibly committed suicide. I also thought that the comic relief provided by Dawn and Ogie’s neediness was a bit on the cruel side.

On the plus side, this is a new venue and I thought it was quite nice. The seats were very comfortable, there are adequate stalls in the women’s restroom, and they had plenty of comfortable seating for people to use while waiting for the theatre to open.

Halloween: My chavurah had a Halloween party, which was mostly a small number of us eating and chitchatting. It was typical adult conversation - a mixture of nostalgia about music of our youth and discussion about household repairs. I baked cheese puffs, which went over well. All in all, it was a nice low-key afternoon.

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