April 15th, 2021

storyteller doll

March Prompts

I realized that I never did get around to doing the March prompts, so here goes.

1. If you could choose freely, in which company or organization would you most like to work? I am happy being retired, but I think I would have enjoyed working for the the Office of Science and Technology Policy, which advises the President. Though it would, of course, depend on which President.

2. If you didn’t have to work for money what would most like to volunteer for? I still intend to become a museum docent.

3. How could you realistically become healthier? Get more sleep and more exercise.

4. What is something you want to learn how to do? Needle felting

5. How did you wear your hair as a child? My mother was, alas, a fan of the so-called poodle cut for curly hair. Later on (say, junior high), I went in for pigtails.

6. As a child, who was your favorite relative and why? Probably my maternal grandfather because he took us to the Bronx Zoo.

7. What have you always been curious about? What influences our tastes in the arts. That is, why don’t some people appreciate, say, some of the music I love and what do they see in things I find unattractive.

8. Do you believe there is life on other planets? No. That usually surprises people when I say it, but I just think life is so improbable that I find it hard to believe it would arise more than once in the universe.

9. If you could become a member of any TV family which would it be and why? The Platt family in the short-lived show We’ll Get By, created by Alan Alda. Because they were what I thought of as a normal suburban family. Note that nobody else remembers this show at all.

10. If you had no work or other obligations tomorrow I would… Maybe go walk in a garden.

11. Where do your friends and family fit in your life? Do you prefer spending time with either group over the other? I don’t really have any family nearby. I get along best with my brother when we don’t actually see each other. So, I definitely prefer spending time with my friends.

12. Where would you like to spend the most time? By the ocean.

13. Do you work harder with or without supervision? I think it depends on what I am working on. But I spent most of my career working with minimal, if any, supervision.

14. Are details more your thing or do you prefer focusing on the big picture? I am definitely a big picture person.

15. Are you likely to make more friends out of people you approached or are all friends of ours part of your extended inner circle? I’m not really likely to approach someone out of the blue, but I have lots of friends who I’ve met via activities (especially storytelling). So I think it’s somewhere in between.

16. In an argument are you more willing to compromise or do you impose your point of view until the very end? It depends on what the argument is about. If it is something unimportant, I will compromise, but I will fight to the end on issues of morality.

17. What activities make you lose track of time? Reading, doing puzzles (especially cryptic crosswords), needlework

18. What did you love to do as a teen? Playing tennis, playing the piano, bicycling

19. Do you have a preferred toothpaste brand? Not really. I usually buy Aquafresh, because it is cheaper than most other brands.

20. What is something you really wanted as a child? A three-speed bike (and, later on, a 10-speed bike).

21. What parent are you more like? Probably my father.

22. Do you have a preference on name brand vs store brand? It depends on the product. I don’t have a lot of brand loyalty, but I like Puffs tissues, because they are really softer than any other brand.

23. Preferred water temperature for showering? Close to scalding.

24. What was the size of your high school? Maybe 1500 students in 4 grades. That was about average, I think.

25. What's an opinion you held for a long time that you no longer hold? That people are, in general, well-intentioned. The past year has shattered some of my faith in mankind’s ability to be unselfish.

26. What is the most frivolous item you own? (No purpose or value) A large wicker crocodile that I bought in Papua New Guinea.

27. Have you ever failed a class? No.

28. Do you have a certain way you have to sleep? (Covered, not covered, with or without noise etc) I like things quiet, but, beyond that, tend to be flexible. I do like having lots of blankets if possible.

29. Do you manage your time well? The more things I have to do, the better I am at time management. If I’m not busy, I get sloppy and lazy.

30. What was the last book you read? The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.

31. What would you do if you became immortal? In literature, becoming immortal usually results in getting arrested and sentenced to life in prison. More practically, I would miss too many people if I were immortal and they weren’t, so I suspect I’d be trying to find a way to become mortal again.

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