April 27th, 2020

storyteller doll


Celebrity Death Watch: First, a brief addition to the last edition of this. John Conway also was responsible for the Game of Life, which is considered the first example of a cellular automaton. And is also the only part of his work I really understand at any level.

Kate Mattes ran Kate’s Mystery Books, an excellent specialty book store in the Boston area. Glenna Goodacre was a sculptor who designed the Sacagawea dollar and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. Jacques Blamont was an astrophysicist and a key founder of the French spaceport in Kourou. Hank Steinbrenner co-owned the Source of All Evil in the Universe. Kenny Young was a songwriter whose work included “Under the Boardwalk.” Brian Dennehy was an actor, who made something of a specialty in Eugene O’Neill works. Gene Shay was a disc jockey who cofounded the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Steve Dalkowski was a baseball player who inspired the movie Bull Durham. Peter Beard was an adventurer and wildlife photographer. Sirio Maccioni founded the famous New York restaurant Le Cirque. Don Kennedy was the president of Stanford University in the 1980’s. Zoe Dell Nutter was a dancer, model, philanthropist, and aviator. Shirley Knight was a film actress. Terence Frisby wrote the play There’s a Girl in My Soup. Sir Eric Anderson was the headmaster of Eton College for 14 years. James M. Beggs was the NASA administrator in the early 1980’s. Harold Reid sang with The Statler Brothers. Joseph Pulver wrote horror. Bernard Gersten was a theatre producer who won 15 Tony awards (plus a lifetime achievement award).

Non-celebrity Death Watch: Matt Penrick was the founder of a traveling volksmarch club. I met him and some other members at a walking weekend in Savannah some years ago.

Mimi Rockwell was a storyteller. She had a particularly notable story about how she met her late husband, Rocky.

Song Parody: The only one I was working on that I actually finished was this one, to the tune of “Stay Awake” from Mary Poppins. I decided it wasn’t good enough to send in to the Style Invitational. But I can still inflict it on you all.

Stay away, don’t leave your home
Don’t fulfill your urge to roam
While COVID is in the air
Stay away, sit in your chair.

Though you may have made a mask
Staying home is all we ask
Stay away, don’t see the sky
Stay away, so we don’t die.

Zoom Zoom Zoom: My on-line social life continues to be busy. Some of that is playing board games with friends. Some is listening to things, including storytelling and music. Yesterday, I played pub trivia with some of the people I play games with. Then I listened to another friend on Facebook life. After that, I zoomed into a story swap with Community Storytellers, the Los Angeles group that got me hooked on that art. And, finally, there was Sondheim’s 90th birthday tribute. Aside from the technical glitches that had it start over an hour late, it was a bit weird. Sondheim is mostly known for the wit and humor of his lyrics, but you’d never know that from the selections. Well, there was “The Boy From…” but there was a lot of sentimentality. The performances were great, but the musical selections were far from being his best songs.

A Genealogy Discovery: I learned that my 3rd cousin twice removed was Allie “Tick Tock” Tannenbaum of Murder, Inc. I emailed the gentleman with whom I conducted the world’s longest running brief meaningless fling (yes, we are still friends) to tell him about this and some related odds and ends. And he told me that his 2nd cousin was married to a member of the Buchalter family.

The significance of that? Well, one of the things that Tick Tock Tannenbaum is most famous for is testifying against Lepke Buchalter, who was executed at Sing Sing. So, basically, my cousin sent his cousin to the electric chair. This entry was originally posted at https://fauxklore.dreamwidth.org/469604.html. Please comment there using OpenID.