January 1st, 2020

storyteller doll

Quick Note re: Oman

Oman was definitely an interesting destination and highlighted both the pluses and minuses of group travel. We had a surprisingly good group, actually. Anyway a quick rundown:

In Muscat, we saw the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (impressive) and the souk.

Hajar mountains had dramatic scenery. My hiking boots decided to fall apart, alas.

Jabrin Fort had wonderful painted ceilings. I felt a bit rushed at Nizwa Fort/Castle. The date souk wad the most interesting market there.

Wahiba Sands was a very uncomfortable travel day. Weather did not really coooerate for annular solar eclipse. We did see part of later phases.

Camping on the beach was annoying, due to other groups camped nearby. Also, lots of trash on beaches.

Due to weather, we had to go to a hotel for a night instead of a 2nd beach camp. We then had 2 magnificent nights camping in the Empty Quarter.

Last 2 nights were at a beach hotel in Salalah. Too hot and firce sun, but a lot of interesting sites (related to frankincense trade). Disappointing souk, however.

Now on long layover at DXB. Looking forward to my own mattress. Not looking forward to long flight.

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