July 5th, 2018

storyteller doll

Graze Box #50

Chia Coconut Cookies with Special Blend Black Tea: There’s one teabag and two cookies in this snack. It has 110 calories. The tea is good, though not particularly unusual. The cookies seemed a bit drier than in the past, but it could also be my faulty memory. They’re still tasty and not super-sweet.

Sweet Rhubarb Jam: This is a mix of apple slices, rhubarb slices, and dried cranberries. It has 100 calories. This is one of my favorite Graze fruit snacks – a good mix of sweet and tart. It’s unusual combinations like this (that I would never have thought of on my own) that are a lot of why I subscribe to Graze.

Sweet Mustard Ranch: This contains pretzels, sour cream and onion cashews, and mustard breadsticks. It has 130 calories. It’s very tasty – especially if you eat all the ingredients together.

Natural Vanilla Seeds: This is a mixture of vanilla-glazed pumpkin and sunflower seeds. It has 170 calories. Wow, these are delicious! I am talking a revelatory level of goodness. Just a bit sweet, with a perfect amount of vanilla flavor. As I already said, wow!

Lightly Salted Popping Corn: This is 130 calories worth of microwave popcorn. It’s pretty much the perfect portion size and pops up quickly and thoroughly, with few orphans. I’m not sure that there’s much more to say about it.

Peanut Butter & Jelly: This is a mixture of salted peanuts, raspberry strings, and vanilla fudge. It has 220 calories. The raspberry strings are especially delicious. A good sweet snack.

Sweet Memphis Barbecue: This consists of barbecue peas, salsa peanuts, and wild rice sticks. It has 190 calories. It’s got good crunch and is pretty tasty, but I’d like it to be a bit spicier than it is. Oddly, my favorite component is the wild rice sticks, which aren’t at all spicy.

Vanilla Pear Energizer: This is a mixture of dried pear slices, vanilla pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and almonds. It has 150 calories. I like all of the components of this snack, but I don’t think they harmonize particularly well. I found myself saving the vanilla pumpkin seeds for last, as they are the most interesting.

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