January 9th, 2018

storyteller doll

What I Did Over the Weekend

Celebrity Death Watch: Ray Thomas sang and played flute with The Moody Blues. Jerry Van Dyke was Dick’s younger brother and acted on such television shows as My Mother the Car and Coach. John Young was the ninth man to walk on the moon and commanded the first Space Shuttle launch. Thomas Bopp co-discovered Comet Hale-Bopp. Interestingly, he was a hobbyist who worked at a factory, not a professional astronomer.

TCC Luncheon: Despite jet lag, I dragged myself out of the house to go to the Travelers’ Century Club lunch meeting in McLean on Saturday. There was a very good turnout and we had to move to a different area of the restaurant. I ran into somebody I met not long ago at Sixth and I there, too. It’s always interesting when different parts of my life intersect. Anyway, there was lots of good travel conversation. But the real reason to go to these things is to be convinced I’m not alone in my obsessions.

JGSGW: On Sunday I drove to Maryland for a Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington meeting. The topic had to do with blogging and how it can enhance your research. That was reasonably interesting, but I wish there had been more examples of content from various blogs and less on the mechanics of the speaker’s own blog. Anyway, I should do more writing about genealogy here and, actually, I will this year because I decided to do the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks project, which is worth separate entries.

Shopping: I did order both turtlenecks (but not a dozen, and not all black) and tights. I also ordered yarn for a specific project – a crochet-along blanket depicting the solar system. Of course, I am starting out behind, because I just ordered the yarn and it will take several days to get to me. But that gives me time to find where the correct size crochet hook is lurking in my place.

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storyteller doll

52 Ancestors Week 1 - Start

I’m not sure where I stumbled on it, but 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks seemed like a way to get me to do some better documentation of my genealogy research. I’m starting slightly late, but so it goes.

The theme for Week 1 (January 1-7) is Start. While my brother had done some research back in the late 1970s (when Roots was on television) and I was interested, what really got me started was a visit from one of my Israeli cousins when I lived in Los Angeles around 1990. She had a photo of some relatives in Atlanta, who I had heard of but knew nothing about. The photo had first names only. I was on the Jewish genealogy email list and decided to ask whether there might be some synagogue records available from Atlanta in the 1940’s. Someone responded that she worked in a retirement community and she would check to see if anyone there recognized the names (which included a couple of fairly uncommon ones). Less than a week later, she emailed me with information and addresses for two sisters, who I wrote to. This eventually led me to making contact with my HANKIN family (originally KHONKEL / KHAYKEL / HAYKEL). It also convinced me of the power of the internet.

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