December 23rd, 2017


On Vacation

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

wednesday afternoon, I fldw to Los Angeles. I spent Thursday in Santa Monica, followed by 17.5 hours on a 787 (mercifully in business class) getting to Singapore. Which is fine as cities go, but is just a big modern city. About all I did was photograph Fountain of Wealth, walk around CBD, and eat cheap food. For the latter, there are too many choices. Oh, also got caught in a big rain storm, which made a nice break given the heat and humidity.

Previous time I went to Asia For Beginners (how I think of Singapore), I took a bus to Malacca in Malaysia Truly Asia. This time I will be flying today to Vientiane. New country and new airline (Lao Air). Not sure how much internet access I'll have.

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