September 22nd, 2016

storyteller doll

Genealogy Update

First, I had dinner recently with a cousin (one of the descendants of my great-grandfather’s brother). It was thoroughly delightful to meet her and talk about our family history. And about life in general.

Secondly, I’ve solved the SLANSKY mystery, via a google search, which turned up a Maryland court case. Sima SLANSKY was one of Mary LEHRMAN’s daughters, which explains why she was buried next to Mary. I hadn’t known about her, because she was mistakenly identified as Seymore in the 1920 census. What I found via google was the record of a bigamy case in Maryland. Jack SLANSKY married Sima LEHRMAN on 31 August 1940 in New York City and then married Juliet WARMACK in Hyattsville Maryland on 26 April 1946. He had actually gotten a divorce (against Sima’s will) in Reno, but the Maryland court said he had not legitimately established domicile in Nevada. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail. By the way, I also found further proof of who Sima was in the probate record for the will of Morris LEHRMAN, where Mary listed her two daughers, Sima and Athalia. It’s so nice to have a mystery solved, though there are always more. For example, why was Athalia also known as Timmy LEE? I also have reason to believe that Mary remarried after Morris died. So there is still more work to do on that branch.

Third, I combed through the 1910 census records for 24-26 Attorney Street, in hopes of finding the uncle that Chaim SCHWARTZBARD was going to. But there was not a single person with the first name Kalman and nobody with a last name that looked like LEWIDRA or ZEWIDRA or any SENIDRA or anything along those lines. But on Enoch Ber’s immigration record, he showed Chaim’s address as “c/o Jagoda” and there is a Meyer YAGODA at that address. That’s one of the jigsaw pieces that could be a bit of sky or a bit of ocean or could belong to a completely different puzzle.

Not news, but I really need to get all this much more organized.