April 20th, 2016

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Genealogy Update - SCHWARTZBARD

And here’s the genealogy update I promised. Actually, the first of two. It was getting long, so I decided to separate out the stuff on Mom’s side of the family from the stuff on Dad’s side.

SCHWARTZBARD 1 – Tracing Back: Back around October, a researcher contacted me (via the JewishGen Family Finder, JGFF) asking about SZWARCBORT (one of many alternate spellings) from Ostrow Mazowiecka. This led to me finally getting around to getting my great-grandfather’s birth certificate translated then being able to find the record for his parent’s marriage. Hercek SZWARCBORT and Sura Dwejra MASLO were married in 1867 in Ostrow Mazowiecka. And then, the other researcher filled in a lot of other information.

Sura Dvejra’s birth was registered in 1852 (though she was probably born earlier than that) in Zareby Koscielne. Her father was Abram Berek MASLO, but I don’t have any information about her mother. Abram Berek’s parents were Ick MASLO and Ruchla Jankelowna GASIOR, who was from Andrzejwo. Ick’s father was also Abraham ad his mother is unknown. Ruchla’s father was Jankel Abramowicz GASIOR, who died in 1854 in Ostrow Mazowiecka. Her mother was Dwejra GASIAK, who died in 1845. Dwejra’s father was Julek Jlko GASIAK, who died in 1839 in Nur and her mother was Ryfka AYZYKOWNA (i.e. daughter of Isaac). Julek’s father was Szajko.

Hercek was born in 1847 in Ostrow Mazowiecka. His father was Wolf SZWARCBORD and his mother was Guta Rywa ROYZENFELD. All I have on Guta Rywa is that her paren’ts were Herck ROYZENFELD and Eydla. Wolf, however, married 4 times (Guta Rywa was his second wife), so his tree has a lot of branches. Wulf’s parents were Aron SZWARCBORD and Etka MOSZKOWNA. I suspect the latter is a patronymic, not an actual surname, especially as it appears that her father was Moszk ABRAMOWICZ (again, a patronymic, meaning his father was Abram). Aron’s father was Leyb JAKUBOWICZ (another patronymic, meaning his father was Jakub). Wulf appears to have been from the town of Wesewo.

That’s a whole lot of begats, but the bottom line is that it gives me at least some information back to the early 1700’s. And it provides hundreds of cousins of various degrees. So, again, the JGFF proved very useful.

SCHWARTZBARD 2 – Chaim Wulf and his family: The other big area of progress on the SCHWARTZBARD side has to do with my great-grandfather’s brother and his family. Chaim Wulf SCHWARTZBARD went by Hyman in the U.S. The big breakthrough came thanks to a Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Washington assisted research program. My assigned maven located a death certificate for him. This was for the death of a U.S. citizen abroad (in this case, in Israel) in 1959 and had the names of the various people who were notified, who turned out to be his children. Some of those were findable on immigration records and census records and so on. The short version is that he and his wife Estera Bliuma nee BERKSZTEJN (who went by Ester in the U.S.) married in Ostrow Mazowiecka in 1893. He came to the U.S. in 1909 and she followed in 1920, along with 4 children – Itka (born 1901 or 1902), Herschel (born 1906), Rifka (born 1908 or 1909), and Simche (born 1909 or 1910). By the way, this is also pretty good evidence that my great-grandfather’s sister, Itka, had died by 1901 or so, since Ashkenazim don’t name children after living relatives.

The children listed on Hyman’s death record are Mrs. Yetta RADLEY, Mrs. Ray GINSBERG, Mr. Harry SCHWARTZBARD, Mr. Sam SCHWARTZABRD, Mrs. Simcha BART, Mr. Harold BART, and Mrs. Rose SKLAR.

I can match up Yetta with Itka from the immigration record. Her middle name was Muriel. She was born 23 March 190 and married Samuel ROTHENBERG, who was from London, England, on 6 October 1923. She was naturalized on 26 November 1937. They later (6 April 1946) changed their surname to RADLEY. It appears that they had three children. A couple of those children may still be living, so I will not give details publicly. Yetta died in Los Angeles on 15 November 1985.

At least in the 1940 census, the RPOTHENBERG family lived with Yetta’s brother, Harry SCHWARTZBARD, who I believe was originally named Aharon and may have come over earlier than his mother and siblings. Harry was unmarried and was a doctor according to that census. It appears that he was three years older than Yetta. But her age is incorrect on the census, so it’s hard to say. Harry did later marry Sophie LEVINE and they had at least four children.

I can also match up Ray GINSBERG with Rifka from the immigration record. She married Al GINSBERG and had at least two children. I have a photograph of a rather elegant woman in a fur coat, which is labeled "Cousin Ray." I suspect this may be her.

Rose married a man named Joseph SCHLAREFSKY in Philadelphia in 1933. They later changed their surname to SKLAR. Both of their sons, Norman and Leon, are deceased. Norman was married to Blanche (whose maiden name was possibly SPERO) and they had two children. Leon was married to Suzanne (maiden name unknown) and I don’t know of any children.

I think Harold BART (or BARD according to some records) must be the Herschel of the immigration records. He married a woman named Henrietta and they had three children.

Simcha is a bit of a mystery. He appears to have sometimes used the first name Sol and sometimes shortened the surname to BART or BARD. Mildred LEVINE and he married Mildred LEVINE in Manhattan on 11 June 1932. It appears that he might have predeceased his father since the notification of Hyman’s death was sent to Mrs., not Mr., SImcha BART, but it is also possible that was an error on the part of the clerk making the notification.

Finally, I don’t have any information about Sam’s immigration. I do know he married a woman named Dora (shown as Dorothy on one record) and they had at least three children. In the 1940 census, he listed his occupation as a garage attendant. And I found his World War II registration card, in which he uses Samuel, not just Sam. He owned Everlite Garage Services Station in Broolyn. According to the card, he was born on 11 March 1894. He died 14 March 1959 in Dade County, Florida (i.e. Miami-ish) and is buried in King David Cemetery in Putnam Valley, NY. Dora died July 18, 1968.