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10 December 2015 @ 10:02 am
Finally, I went to Brazil. I actually spent part of a day back in Argentina, since I wanted to see Iguacu Falls from both sides. (The actual falls are mostly in Argentina, but you get a better panorama from Brazil.) At any rate, the Devil's Throat is very impressive and well worth seeing. The storm that hit as I was walking back from it, however, was fairly miserable. I was sopping wet and chilly and it was a long ways back to Foz do Iguacu to my hotel room. The weather worked better from the Brazil side the next day.

Then I flew to Rio, which I didn't much care for. Again, the weather was drearily humid and interfered with getting any halfway decent photos. But more of the issue was that most of what Rio has is sun and sand and I can only manage an hour or so of beach at a time. Overall, I'd say Rio is like a misspelled Miami.

I am sure I will go back to Brazil at some point, since I love Brazilian music (but the good music is in the Bahia region) and I do want to go to the Amazon.

Trip home was just tedious. The last leg was from IAH to IAD and we had just pushed back from the gate when there was a medical emergency, so things ended up delayed a while.

But I got home and now I am in the swirl of new job transition, about which more later.