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I mentioned previously that I found a couple of records for a Cipe MEDINTS, who appeared to be the daughter of Tevye KHONKEL and, hence, my great-great-grandfather’s sister. I was able to make contact with another researcher who agreed that this was a likely match, but said his information gave her maiden name as KHAYKEL. Searching for that proved not only the relationship, but has turned up a wealth of information on that branch of my ancestors.

First, there are various vital records, some for people I knew of. I had seen records before that had Tevye as Tevel, but adding the surname KHAYKEL indicated that he had children I hadn’t known about. Note that the Lithuanian birth records generally include names of grandparents as well as parents (but only rarely the mother’s maiden name). This is very helpful in verifying that one is finding the right family.

I knew of Efroim (my great-great-grandfather) as either KHONKEL or HANKIN, but it appears that the family used the spelling KHAIKEL or KHAYKEL or HAYKEL up to somewhere around the 1890’s. I also knew about Efroim’s children, but I did turn up some additional information, including one son who I hadn’t known about:

Dobra, born 1876, married Abram Izrael ARONOVSKI (born 1873) on 16 Dec 1898

Nosen Vulf, born 1883

Khaya Tsipe (my great-grandmother), born 1884, married Shokher FAINSHTEIN (born 1876) on 12 Apr 1906

Itsyk (Itsko), born 13 Jan 1885 in Vandziagola

Tevel, born 24 Mar 1888 In Vandziagola (he is the forgotten one)

Seina, born 1891, died 3 Jan 1938. She may have married someone with the surname GEMPEL.

Eta Mickhlya, born 1894

I know of another son, Morris, born in 1898, but cannot find Lithuanian records for him yet. I also don’t know what became of Tevel. I believe Efroim was born somewhere between 1851 and 1856 and I know he died on 8 May 1927. Despite one revision list entry showing his wife as Pesa Risa, I think it is more likely (based on the birth records for Itsko and Tevel) that she was either Leia Rysa or Risha Leia. I should note that his switching of the order of what we think of as first and middle names is pretty common. I still haven’t found anything about her.

So, let’s go back a generation to Efroim’s father, Tevya or Tevel or Tuviash. Based on revision list data, he lived in Puselatos and Pumpenai and Kedainiai at various times. He was born in 1831, his father was Nosel, and he was married to Vichna Dveira. I found her death record which indicates that she died of "chronic lung catarrh" (presumably what we now call COPD) on 19 Jan 1886 in Kedainia. Since she was 56 then, she was born in 1830. That wasn’t a very good year for the family’s lungs, as Tevel died of consumption on 17 Apr 1886 in Josvainiai. I was also interested to see that in 1868 he appeared on a list of taxpayers unable to pay.

I’ve been able to draw the line to at least some of Tevya and Vichna Dveira’s children, i.e. Efraim’s siblings. It’s a bit more complicated than it needs to be, since the revision lists from Pumpenai at the time don’t generally include the female members of the household. But one can find a few things in the vital records, since birth records include grandfathers’ names, as well as those of the parents. The children I’ve found are:

  1. Efroim (my great-great-grandfather), born 1851, died 8 May 1927. (I am assuming the earlier date for his birth, because it matches more of the revision list data).

  2. Yehoshua (also known as Ovsey or Govsha), born 1856. He married Base Rokhel SHRAVSKY on 11 June 1882 in Keidaniai. She was 19 (so born in 1863) and her father’s name was Meer. They had several children:

    Meer, born 1883

    Taube Vikne, born 17 Aug 1887 in Josvainiai

    Itsyk Tuvia, born 20 Nov 1889 in Josvainiai

    Sara, born 27 Mar 1897 in Kedainiai, died 8 Sep 1898 in Vilijampole of nephritis

    David, born 2 Feb 1902 in Vilijampole

  3. Cipe (or Tsipe), born 1862, died 8 Jun 1936. She married Leib MEDINTS, who was born in 1849. He may have been married previously. Her name might actually been Khaia Tsipe. Their children include:

    Tauba Vichna, born 1890, married Aron Kirkel in Kaunas on 7 August 1909

    Zelman Zavel, born 1892, died 16 Jan 1896 in Kedainiai of tuberculosis

    Tevel, born 1894, died 23 Jun 1914 in Kaunas of typhus

    Sheine Rivka, born 10 Sep 1901 in Kedainiai

    Enta, born 27 Oct 1911 in Kaunas (though an internal passport record indicates she was born in 1909). She is the only overlap between the names I found in the vital records and the ones that I got from the other researcher.

  4. Orel, born 1868. I haven’t found anything on him at all.

  5. Going back another generation to Nosel is where things start getting complicated. He, himself, is not all that complicated, but he has a brother and/or son who I am confused about. Nosel was born in 1803, and his father was Iechiel (born 1788, died 1830). Iechiel's father was also named Nosel. The unconfusing children are Tevel (discussed above)and Yudis (who married Leib VELER). Abram is the source of the confusion and I think I'll write about that separately because this is long enough already.