December 14th, 2014

storyteller doll

Walking Frederick

I dragged myself out of the house today to do a Volksmarch in Frederick. I would have preferred doing the walk in Ashland (near Richmond) but I was running late and Frederick, despite being in darkest Maryland, is much closer. In fact, I could have made it there in under 45 minutes had I not followed the directions from google maps which had a series of unnecessary (and, in one case, incorrect) turns.

I've done this walk before, though it has changed a little since the visitor center moved. It's still a jaunt through downtown, over to Hood College, then along a couple of park trails, followed by walking around Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The point was that it qualifies as a baseball walk (since Harry Grove Stadium is visible across the street from the cemetery) and a mural walk (for the trompe l'oeil Community Bridge. It was mostly a good walk, though I am definitely feeling old and achy and, in particular, my left hip was sore at the end of the 10K.