December 2nd, 2014

storyteller doll

Needle Nirvana

·For several years, I have been seeking organizational nirvana. I am a complete sucker for organizing tools and, for example, consider hanging file folders to be one of the greatest inventions of my life time. (They are right up there with velcro and Lee press-on nails, but I digress.)

One thing that has defied organization, however, is knitting needles. Circular needles are not a real problem, as there are binders with pockets that work perfectly well for them. (Cheap tip: there are similar binders sold for fly fishing which work just as well and cost a lot less.) I have a couple of good enough zip-up cases for crochet hooks. Double points are also no problem, as I hate them and only keep one set that I use as cable needles, so they fit in my notions bag. (The notions bag is, by the way, a repurposed United Airlines Global First amenity kit.)

But straight needles are a pain. They can be up to 14 inches long. I have a zip-up fabric case that looks like it should work well, but it is built upside down, so unzipping it makes all the needles fall out. I’ve never really liked the roll-up fabric cases. What I really want is something with a hard case.

I had a moment of inspiration today on something else to try. What else is long and straight? Spaghetti, of course! And they sell plastic containers for spaghetti, don’t they? I’ll have to make sure those are actually long enough, but it is worth a try.