January 7th, 2014

storyteller doll

And So It Starts

The year is starting to look like normal for me. For one thing, I went to the theatre on Sunday, seeing Gypsy at Signature Theatre. It was an excellent production, with Sherri L. Edelen doing a fine job as Rose. I had been concerned about the accompaniment, since it's a show with such distinctive orchestration, but the small orchestra worked well enough. (I would, of course, have still preferred a fuller orchestra, but that isn't realistic in such a small theatre. Or with today's theatre budgets, alas.)

The other evidence of normalcy is that I am getting on an airplane in a few hours. In this case, it's a business trip to Los Angeles, and it is going to be a very intense few days.

I have also been buying tickets for various things for the future. What I haven't managed to do is actually get control of my calendar. One of my friends claims that if I don't have at least 6 things going on in any given month, that month won't exist. January is safe.