December 28th, 2013

storyteller doll

Old City

There are several companies doing free tours in Barcelona. In my experience, free walking tours are usually good because the guides want good tips. I ended up going with Runner Bean, largely because they limited the groups to reasonable sizes. My guide was an Irish woman who moved to Barcelona for her boyfriend. So she spoke good English. She was definitely entertaining as she had 2 tour participants play the roles of Wilfrid the Hairy and Charles the Bald. In addition to history and art, she pointed out interesting shops and commented on the Catalan independence movement.

I found All You Knit Is Love on my own and bought some locally dyed wool. My only other ourchase was chocolates for the office. I did drink some hot chocolate, too. Cacao Sampxa's Aztec hot chocolate was wonderful - dark and nearly as thick as chocolate pudding. It was very restorative after all that walking.