February 7th, 2013


Mileage Running and the Small Print

I did more mileage running last weekend. Baltimore to Newark to Orange County, where I stayed overnight, before returning via Houston. Driving to and from BWI wasn't as bad as I'd feared it would be. The first leg was delayed but I still had no trouble making my connection. I am glad the first flight on the return leg was a little early because IAH is larger than I'd realized and the two gates were about as far apart as possible. With plenty of time, I was grateful for the exercise. It did make me wish there were a website that listed distances within airport terminals.

I have discovered that the challenge I'm doing actually reads slightly differently than I'd thought, however. It only counts airports you travel TO or THROUGH. So airports you only depart from don't count at all. There goes the leg I had from JFK to IAD. That one is not actually an issue, since I needed to do that flight anyway. But it means that one other trip I have booked is more complicated than it needed to be since switching airports on the return doesn't help at all. It also means I need to book at least one more flight.

Damn the small print.