January 12th, 2013

storyteller doll

Hectic Start to 2013

I got home from vacation on Wednesday, January 2nd. Instead of recovering from jet lag like a normal person, I went out Friday night. I talked a friend into going with me to Jammin' Java to see two local a capella groups. The Chromatics have something of a specialty in songs about astronomy, but they also did several other things, including an excellent version of "Safety Dance." The Tone Rangers are a personal favorite. I was pleased that they sang "Helen" (a song that gets stuck in my head every time I hear it) but the real highlight was their new Neil Diamond medley.

On Saturday I went into the city to meet up with a storyteller who was visiting from Phoenix. We had breakfast at Eastern Market and I am pleased to say that both the blue bucks (buckwheat pancakes with blueberries) and the atmosphere are as good as ever. If you've never been, this is the best place to eavesdrop on a slice of Washingtonian life. We followed with coffee at Peregrine, where an old friend of hers joined us. Then we walked around the market (which has a lot of crafts vendors and a flea market on weekends), which included my purchase of a pint of pickles because there is a place there which is almost up to New York standards. Finally, we went on to the Library of Congress and walked around the Great Hall and the Reading Room overlook. I really ought to get a reading room card. Why? Because it's cool and I can.

After they left, I stayed and checked out the current exhibit ("Words Like Sapphires") on Hebrew manuscripts at the Library. It was well worth looking at, with a wide range of pieces. The most famous is probably the Washington Haggadah. I also appreciated the thoughtful commentary on the pieces exhibited.

Sunday was knitting group. I knitted a triangle for the yarn bombing project and crocheted most of a piece for another project I am being slightly secretive about.

And during the week I was off to Los Angeles for a business trip. The travel itself was undramatic, but tedious. In addition to the design review I was there for (and time calling into another meeting), I was able to sit down with a couple of people and get good info. I also had time for dinner with Mary Joan one evening and lunch with Milo the next day. And the timing of the trip was perfect for going to Community Storytellers. There was a small group, but it was great to see everyone.