December 31st, 2012


In Tel Aviv

I am on a real computer (free business center at my hotel here) so can write a little more than I have been.

So I got to Tel Aviv yesterday evening. I relaxed for a while, then had dinner with my cousins. It was absolutely lovely to see them. And, of course, local advice is always helpful.

Today I ended up walking a lot more than I had originally planned to. I started off towards the Carmel Market (note: every market in the world is inherently interesting) and kept on towards the sea. I wasn't tired of walking so just ended up walking to Jaffa. And, of course, old cities being what they are, I got hopelessly lost. It is a lovely area and there are interesting galleries to browse in, as well as historic sites (and legendary ones, e.g. the rock Andromeda was rescued form by Perseus). I did relent and take the bus back but then walked more around the area my hotel is in.

Plan for tomorrow is the Bauhaus tour and possibly the Diaspora Museum if I have time.

By the way, two other things I should have mentioned. 1) I was horribly amused by seeing road signs for camel crossings. 2) Halvah spread is absolutely amazing. I can get Israeli chocolate spread in my neighborhood, but I had not seen this before. I might buy some to bring home.