December 16th, 2012

storyteller doll

Less Stressed

1) I finished the item I was making for my friend and just need to stick it in the mail tomorrow. At knitting group, I said, "I am declaring victory" and two other people said, "no, you should declare triumph!"

2) I should get through about half the Christmas cards tonight. The important part is to finish the overseas ones, so I can leverage off the trip to the post office.

3) I decided I will do a pasta salad for the potluck this week, largely because I remembered that I won't be home all that early on Wednesday night so I need to do something particularly quick. I do still need to make some sort of tart or quiche using wonton skins as a crust some time, though.

4) I might even finish reading the Sunday Washington Post on Sunday for a change.

In short, I am feeling somewhat more in control of things than I was a few days ago. I still have a ton of household things to take care of, however.