October 9th, 2011

storyteller doll

My Next Storytelling Event

Sat, Oct 15 –7 pm Voices in the Glen’s Star Storytelling Benefit for and in the Arlington Planetarium, 1426 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA.

Suggested donation: $10. Stellar storytellers spin tales of the stars, constellations, planets, moon, and other celestial phenomena, accompanied by astronomical projections on the dome. Tellers: Eve Burton, Jennifer Hine, Chuck Kleymeyer, Tim Livengood, James Lochner, Miriam Nadel, Merrillee Pallansch, and Marc Young. For ages 8 to 108. More info: call Chuck Kleymeyer at 703-533-7379.
storyteller doll

Protests and News

I sort of understand Occupy Wall Street. Only soft of, because I can't tell what a positive outcome would be. Do they want to hang all the bankers?

I completely fail to understand the Occupy X people, where X is some random city. I know people are angry about the economy (and I am, too, though I think the blame is more complex than the mobs seem to.) But I don't see any concrete goals out of this movement.

I'm also bemused by the way the media is handling this. Yesterday, there were a bunch of yahoos who tried to push their way into the Air and Space Museum. (The issue was that they were carrying signs, which are not allowed in the museum.) From what I can tell from real news sources, some of them grabbed a security guard and a second guard pepper sprayed one person. It turns out that this has nothing to do with Occupy DC, but is a group who objects to the use of drones. And the museum has a display of drones.

Of course, the immediate news stories were that Occupy DC protestors were maced at the Museum. The problem is that the push to report things first pushes accuracy way down in priority.

For the record, I believe that extrajudicial killing of U.S. citizens is wrong. I believe that is true whatever weapon is used, but I don't see how forcing one's way into a museum that displays something that can be used as a weapon is anywhere close to taking real action.