June 28th, 2011

storyteller doll

Just a Bit Stressed

Cleaning out my old office was, not surprisingly, quite a chore. I ended up filling 29 burn bags. (Everything gets burned or shredded there. The hard part is, of course, deciding what goes out and what to leave for whoever backfills me.)

Then I went to Colorado for the weekend to go to a big party friends there have annually. The travel went amazingly smoothly (in both directions) and it was great to spend time having intelligent conversation with people I like. (Which is not really all that unusual, but a few of these folks I do not see often.) I also had time for the shorter (5K) Volksmarch in downtown Boulder, which has changed less than I might have expected given how long it had been since I'd been there. Overall, it was an excellent weekend.

Getting started at the new job is stressing me out, however. The people are fine and I am sure I will be useful sooner or later, but there are lots of administrative things that are taking longer than I'd prefer. I am also trying to deal with a higher than normal level of chaos at home and my usual crazy calendar. I am coping with this via a minor flurry of activity since doing something is pretty much the antidote to depression for me. I may be able to see my desk again soon.