January 27th, 2011

storyteller doll

Oh, No, Not the Clippings File!

First, I did reschedule the dentist. Unfortunately, I rescheduled to today so I think I will need to call again since the roads are not exactly wonderful right now. (We are on 2 hour late arrival for work, though the metro is running fine. I am actually surprised about that, since the report is that Vienna got 8 inches. When I retire, I will spend the northern hemisphere winter somewhere in the southern hemisphere so I will have no snow and lots of light.)

I used yesterday's early dismissal to do some actual travelogue writing! I am through the London part of my May 2009 trip. Having found my notebook was helpful, but it also took some effort to find the photos from that trip since I had, apparently, never transferred them from the CD to my hard drive. (I had, for various reasons, taken only the film camera with me on that trip.) Which also means I never labeled them. Fortunately, I can recognize things like Nelson's Column and the Eiffel Tower. Identifying what is what in Dijon and Beaune may be more challenging. Now I am furiously searching for my file folder with maps and brochures and the like.

All of which explains why I am putting more effort into dealing with the box of shame. And I have found some old planner pages with various unexplained notes. I would normally think a random 7-digit number is a telephone number, but it starts with a 1 and is not hyphenated so that is unlikely. Since it is on a planner page from two years ago, I don't think I will worry about it. The same page has a note, by the way, regarding a lawn on a cruise ship.

An address in Ortanna, Pennsylvania probably has to do with a Volksmarch event. The list of hotel names must be places I was considering staying at somewhere in Switzerland. And I think I already wrote about my former boss coining the term "pseudocide" for killing off your avatar. I thought at first the name above that referred to a friend from college, but it is actually the last name of one of 90 people who were going to be leaving during the following months. If you are considering giving your child a first name that is more typically a last name, please consider the potential to confuse people like me.

Finally, I ran across a knitting pattern for a sweater called "Cheesy Puffs." I think I should be glad I did not print the picture in color.

I will spare you the whining about old "to-do" lists that are just as relevant today as they were two years ago.
storyteller doll

More storm follow-up

Hearing various people's stories about last night's commute convinced me that having rescheduled the dentist was the right thing. Driving down 123 at 4 p.m. is annoying enough without a major snowstorm thrown in.

I still need to reschedule, by the way, since the receptionist called this morning and the dentist's office is closed, due to a power outage. And without power they can't access the computer so they will have to call me next week.

The metro was remarkably empty on the way in, by the way. My complex did a good job of shoveling but the metro folks only put out ice melt as far as the last bus stop so there was an annoying stretch there, as well as slushy drift piles to climb over to get across the street to the station.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a good realtor in Punte del Este, Uruguay?