December 22nd, 2009

storyteller doll

How to Feel Accomplished

I actually did everything on my to-do list today. The secret is, of course, to be unambitious. I did have a few things I had to get done at work (mostly my weekly report to senior leadership) and a few non-work things I needed to do (e.g. rescheduling the theatre tickets from the show that was cancelled). Usually I end up just listing nearly everything I can think of that I might intend to do over the next month. But I knew I'd have to leave early for a dentist appointment, so I even left off the item that's been on the overwhelming majority of my to-do lists for years. Today was just not the day to achieve total world domination.

Because of the dentist appointment, I drove in. Only one road in my neighborhood was annoyingly icy and it's just a short way. Route 50 was fine. Arlington County, however, appears to have done the minimum they could get away with, at least in Crystal City, and I decided it wasn't worth trying to find a viable metered space. So I ended up paying an absurd amount of money to park for a few hours at the Marriott garage. I suspect that had I not done that, I'd still be circling the neighborhood now, some 11 odd hours later.