December 12th, 2009

storyteller doll

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First, Chappy Chanukah! Some day I will sit down and rant about the various spellings of Chanukah and why I have a particular hatred of the form "Hanukkah," which, alas, seems to have become the most popular in the U.S., making it well nigh impossible to buy commercial greeting cards for the holiday.

I also have a rant (which I may or may not write) that has to do with Robert and his dealings with time and why our different attitudes towards planning end up with my feeling that he doesn't have any respect for mine. There was going to be a greatly unfair generalization about men involved in that, but I can't really blame my brother for getting stuck in traffic and being late last night. (He used Robert's theatre ticket. We saw the 42nd Street Moon production of Cole Porter's "Jubilee." I will write about that when I'm home, too.)

So I am making lemonade and adding to the list of things to write about. Yay me.