December 9th, 2009

storyteller doll

I Never Could Get the Hang of Wednesdays

Today was definitely an "I shoulda stood in bed" type of day.

At staff meeting today, we found out our acting director is leaving imminently. (Basically, she is going as soon as she can get through her out-processing checklist, as she has to report to her new assignment before the end of the month.) My grandboss will be acting. That's good from the standpoint of muscle, but bad because it is already damn near impossible to get on his calendar. (He's got way too much to do already and he commutes from Chicago.)

Then I got home and had a phone message from Robert. He and I had plans to meet for the weekend in San Francisco. Except that he had to renew his UK residency and he decided to apply for permanent residency instead of renewing every few years. Things did not happen as quickly as he thought they would. And it turns out that if he leaves the UK before this gets sorted out, they won't let him back in. There goes my nice romantic weekend.

I have two basic options - go anyway and try to make the most of it or cancel the itinerary and pay whatever outrageous fee United will charge to do something else. I already looked up tickets to London for this weekend and that is just way too outrageous. To say that I am white hot furious would only be an understatement.