October 20th, 2009

storyteller doll

Leftover Metro Haiku

I am actually doing some desk cleaning, instead of my usual method of merely whining about desk cleaning.

And I stumbled upon a piece of paper from July with a couple of metro haiku that I never got around to posting. I should probably explain that a PID is a Passenger Information Display. They're supposed to tell you how long a wait you have for the next train, though often you have to wait for them to scroll through dozens of elevator outage messages. Sometimes, though, they just stay blank:

I hate non-working
PIDs. when will my train
come? No way to know.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, other than noting that I had theatre tickets the night I wrote it:

Blue Line delay
meant no time for a good meal
before tonight's show.

In other news, I think I can safely throw out the directions to the hotel I stayed at in Dijon in May.