August 22nd, 2009

storyteller doll

Great Big Sea

I had a great week at work (interesting new project is progressing, managed to clear a few things off my desk) and it culminated in a great concert at Wolf Trap last night.

Since I was tired and the weather was iffy, I decided to take the bus, vs. driving. (The reason the weather makes a difference is that if you take the bus, it drops you right by the entrance, while it can be a long hike from the parking lots.)

The opening act was Carbon Leaf, who I have to admit I'd not previously heard of. They're semi-local (Richmond) and have a large following in the area, so got a good reception. I liked them for the most part (they did get a bit too country at times for my tastes) and would be interested in seeing them again. I think the highlights of their set were "Another Man's Woman," "Life Less Ordinary," and the very moving "The War Was in Color."

But it was Great Big Sea I (and everyone else) was there to see. I had never seen them live before and all I can say is "Wow." Their energy was contagious and almost everybody was on their feet, clapping and singing along. It's hard to select highlights, but I think they tend to be better at the faster stuff, e.g. "Donkey Riding" and "The Night Pat Murphy Died." There's a lot to be said for "England," "Ordinary Day," "The Old Black Rum," and, well, really everything they played. I was disappointed that they didn't do "Rant & Roar," though that may be for the best as it's a very sticky song.

The downside of taking the bus was that the bus back leaves at 11, regardless of when the concert ends. So I had to slip out in the middle of their second encore. And I did not have time to shop for CDs. Still, this was one of the best concerts I've ever been to - right up there with hearing Old Blind Dogs in Edinburgh. They said it was their largest paid audience ever, so I'm sure they'll be back next season.
storyteller doll

I'm Annoyed at Facebook

It seems to be buggier lately, for one thing.

But my real annoyance has to do with the uselessness of their help pages and the inability to actually find out how to contact anybody who actually administers things.

The problem is that I created a facebook group for Voices in the Glen, our local storytelling guild. It's not a huge group since: 1) we're not a huge group and 2) a lot of our members aren't on facebook. But it was a way of advertising events to a slightly broader audience and it even drew in a few people who weren't already coming to story swaps (which was the the hope when I created it).

So I go to look at / update it tonight. And it tells me that: 1) there are no admins and 2) there are no members.
And when I click on the "add admin" it tells me the group is unavailable. But it does let me go and edit the group description.