June 22nd, 2009

storyteller doll

Too Serious for Haiku

Two metro trains collided tonight at rush hour on the Red Line near Takoma. At least four people were killed and over 70 injured.

What I find the most disturbing aspect of this is that the metro service disruption report says, "Disruption at Fort Totten. Trains are turning back at Rhode Island Ave & Silver Spring due to a train experiencing mechanical difficulties outside of Ft. Totten. Shuttle service has been established."

One train rear ending another, causing significant casualties, should not be described with the same term that they use for things like door malfunctions.

I am also irritated that the news report I saw, which mentioned that one of the people killed was the driver of the rear train, felt the need to report that the driver was female.
storyteller doll


I drove over to Glen Echo Park after work today and picked up my glass. The drinking glass is not quite a perfect cylinder, but I do like the swirled color effect I managed. (As if I had any actual control over the process!)

I am hoping to post pictures by the weekend, but this is a kind of crazy week of too many things to do.