May 13th, 2009

storyteller doll

Proof I Am Old

1) I went shopping after work. I need new shoes. What I was hoping to find was a simple pair of black slingback pumps. Apparently, I need to go shopping via time machine. (I did try on a few pairs of other shoes without success. I am. alas, too practical to try on purple silk shoes or leopard print pumps, no matter how lovely they may be. Steve Madden makes shoes I think are attractive but they don't fit my feet.)

2) In other shopping news, I did see a jacket I liked. However, I did not like it $600 worth. This whole fiscal responsibility thing may be coming back into fashion, I hear. I also saw an absolutely gorgeous formal dress and didn't even try it on since I can't think of any occasion I would have to wear it for which I couldn't wear any of the other formal dresses I own.

In my youth, I did better at manufacturing occasions.

3) I am offended by people cursing loudly on public transit. The words don't bother me personally, but one really ought not to cuss in public places.
storyteller doll

Post Hunt

I will miss the Post Hunt as I won't be back from Seattle until later Sunday afternoon. However, I believe some people on my friends list will be participating, so here's a bit of news.

They will be starting from Freedom Plaza, Pennsylvania Avenue between 13th and 14th. Apparently, they have gotten permission to route traffic around there. The closest metro station is Federal Triangle.

The map will be available for download (as a .pdf) late on Friday afternoon.

If anybody is planning to gather afterwards and while away the late afternoon, The Elephant and Castle pub at Pennsylvania and 12th is a decent watering hole. (They do have food, but I have never been there for anything other than drinks.)