April 25th, 2009

storyteller doll

Smithsonian Crafts Show

I went over to the Smithsonian Crafts Show after work yesterday. My primary intent was to buy jewelry, since crafts shows provide more interesting pieces than one can find otherwise. And indeed, I did buy two pins. (Pins are my major form of jewelry since they're a handy way to make professional attire less boring.) One consists of a couple of felt people and is part of a new line by Daniele Gori-Montanelli. The other is made from sterling silver and lego pieces and is by Jacquelne Sanchez.

My bigger purchase, however, was a couple of toys from Rocket Manufacturing. One (the magnetic gearbox) is on the website and will provide hours of distraction during telecons at work. The other is one of the sort of puzzles where you have to get little metal balls into the proper holes.

There were a lot of other interesting pieces there, though the show skews somewhat higher end than I'd prefer. (I always liked the Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica as much for the range of prices as for the range of crafts.) The most intriguing work (and I am sure it was well beyond my budget, though I was afraid to ask) was by Randall Rosenthal. His pieces are wood sculptures that look startlingly like books or stacks of money or decks of trading cards, etc. They were decidedly the talk of the show.