January 23rd, 2009

storyteller doll

Devil Buys Ice Skates

I signed up for facebook. I am, apparently, not the last person in North America to do so as I could not find a few people I looked for (okay, one person from high school and I'm not sure I remember her married name and she's really not much of an internet user but still). I don't expect to use it much but I said that about here and ravelry and flyertalk, too.

This may have something to do with the cold I had been fighting off all week winning the battle today.
storyteller doll

Least Appealing Recipe Ever

I am, very slowly, cleaning out things in my den. One thing I definitely do not need is the large number of recipe brochures from various companies which I seem to have collected over the years. I'm in the middle of looking through some from various Long Island liquor stores. If you're unfamiliar with the genre, they inevitably have a calendar in the back, a lot of ads for various alcoholic beverages, and a few sections of recipes. I have these primarily because it is a mistake ever to hint to my mother that you have any interest in collecting something. (This also accounts for large numbers of dolls and dimes and postcards, by the way.)

Dave's Wines & Liquors of Oceanside, New York offered up a true gem in its 1985 party book. Grapefruit Soup Cerise calls for canned cherry pie filling, grapefruit juice, cherry-flavored liqueur, and grapefruit sections, along with sweet spices (cinnamon, cardamom and mace). This is supposed to be a starter course, despite the dessert-like ingredients. It sounds even worse than the junior high home ec "hedgehog salad" that involved covering half a pear with whipped cream cheese and sticking halved grapes and blanched almonds on it. (My recollection is that actually tasted just fine, but I can still make fun of it. I really can't imagine what the cherry pie filling and grapefruit soup would taste like.)

I'd just go for serving a half grapefruit per person. Except that nobody serves grapefruit anymore since everybody and his cousin is on statins, but that's another subject.