January 9th, 2009

storyteller doll

Photo Finish

When I went back at lunch time today, the machine was still broken and, therefore, my film still undeveloped. I got them to give me back the film. They also gave me the store clerk's business card with a note from the manager to any other Ritz Camera to give me 15% off.

So I stopped off at the one at Ballston on the way home today. They did fine and didn't even hassle me about the discount.

While at the Ballston Common Mall, I even found a couple of things to buy! There was a bat finger puppet at the toy store which I couldn't resist. If I had a mongoose finger puppet, I could use them together for a story I've been known to tell. (Well, OK, I've told it once, but I expect to tell it again.) I also saw that the calendar kiosk was having a half-price sale and bought the NY Times crossword page a day calendar. It doesn't have Sunday puzzles but that's OK.

Which reminds me of something else. Shouldn't a shop called "One Stop News" actually sell newspapers? And maybe magazines? Yes, candy and soda and such are legitimate newsstand items, but only as supplements to reading matter.