December 19th, 2008

storyteller doll

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am not especially looking forward to spending 20+ hours traveling today, but it should be worth it in the end. I'm still convinced that I've forgotten something or other I should have packed, but there are shops in other parts of the world, so I'll live.

I expect to have sporadic internet access. But I hope to have better things to do with my time than typing away on-line. So, while I am still doing Holidailies, I don't plan long detailed posts until I am back.

By the way, I like things to be somewhat organized, so I put all my travel documents in a manila folder. I needed an envelope large enough for the folder to go in, which meant emptying odds and ends out of one in my den. I can vaguely understand why I had most of what was in there (including a surprising number of fortune cookie fortunes), but I can't figure out why I would have put a toothbrush (in an unopened box) in with the magazine clippings and the like.