December 18th, 2008

storyteller doll

Slipping Into Vacation Mode

I got through the last of the holiday parties and didn't even end up with anything dreadful in the gift exchange. My theory is to go for food items since I can put them out for other people and they won't become yet another form of clutter in my house. In this case, that meant liqueur chocolates. The best item was a couple of movie passes, along with popcorn and candy. There were, however, the obligatory bad ideas - a heated lotion dispenser, a singing bass, a chia pet. And, of course, the dreaded scented candles.

More importantly, I got through everything I absolutely had to get through at work, though my review of a couple of draft documents was fairly superficial. (I acknowledged that in my emails.) I even remembered to put "out of office" messages on all of my work email accounts and both of my voicemail numbers. I have odds and ends to follow up on when I'm back, but nothing urgent.

Of course, I still have household things to do. There's also the minor detail of packing.

And I know I will do this all again in not too terribly long as I booked a trip to Europe for May, which will include dragging Robert to Paris.