October 19th, 2008

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It's All About Priorities

I may be fanatical about the Red Sox, but I refuse to ignore my social life for what is, after all is said and done, a children's game played by adults. So I went to the story swap at Jane's tonight, knowing full well that it would mean missing much of the game.

And I'm glad I did - it was an excellent swap. There was a big crowd (about a dozen folks) and almost everybody told. Thanks to Margaret (and, to some extent, Bill) I learned about our local urban legend, the Bunny Man. The stories involve somebody escaping as inmates are being transferred from a mental hospital to a prison, eating rabbits, killing teenagers and hanging their bodies from a bridge. The true store, some 70 years later, has to do with a man in a bunny suit threatening people with a hatchet. Interesting stuff. I need to mention this to a former colleague who lives in about the right place and owns a bunny suit.

I made my first attempt at telling the rakugo (traditional Japanese comic story) about misers. I still haven't learned the names of the father and sons, so just did used the generic "father" and "first son," "second son," and "third son." It was fun enough to tell that I think I will continue to work on it. I also need to find time to work on the Herero leopard and kudu story I read recently, as well as the personal piece on learning languages.

I got home just as the 7th inning was starting, so I didn't get to see any runs score. But I did get the satisfaction of the Sox winning and forcing game 7. Three cheers for more sleep deprivation!
storyteller doll

Encore Answers and Results

First the results:

Shmuel - 29
Vardibidian - 26
Slymongoose - 9
Cellio - 9
Piefessor - 5
Lepusdomesticus - 5
Groot - 4

To claim a prize, you can send me your postal address. (I have Shmuel's already and I really might get to the post office some time this week.) Since there is a tie for 3rd place, I will give prizes to both. And, actually, I have lovely parting gifts for the other 3 players if they want them.

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People who think I don't cuss should not have been eavesdropping on my living room during the last couple of innings of the game. The Sox really should have managed to pull out a run or two in the top of the 8th.

Oh, well, on the plus side, I will be less sleep deprived since I won't bother to watch the Rays play the Phillies in the World Series.