September 19th, 2008

storyteller doll

Made It to Williamsburg

... and the hotel has a business center with free internet access.

The problem with driving down after work is that I didn't get much work done all afternoon because I was checking every 10 minutes. I did, however, learn a new word. I was looking at data somebody sent me and he referred to certain satellites having been "passivated." I believe that most people would have called that "deactivated."

Checking the traffic proved to be useless, by the way, as by the time I left the traffic jams were not where it told me they'd be. Things eased up quite a bit after Fredericksburg and it took me about 3 hours and 15 minutes from Crystal City, which is not too bad. (Mapquest claims it should be 2.5 hours, but they never really account for the horror that is I-95 through Dale City.)

Dinner, which I had at an Italian restaurant chosen entirely by proximity to the close, featured a non-Colonial time warp. Let's just say that most of America has progressed past 1960's era red sauce, but this place (Sal's) had not.

The storytelling festival calendar poses numerous dilemmas, as I want to be in at least two of the tents at any given time. I will probably use my usual method of going to hear the people who I have heard the least (or, in at least two cases, never). But I can figure that out in the morning.